DVR is the abbreviation of Digital Video Recorder. A DVR is a surveillance camera system that uses digital security cameras to digitally record motion.

DVR is a very economical surveillance option and through high quality recording devices the monitoring of a security system can be from a computer or other locations.

Signals from digital security cameras are captured, recorded and stored digitally on a hard drive. A DVR card within the system allows for the security system to run for many months with next to no maintenance.

How long until the memory of the DVR card becomes full? This depends on three things. The first is the hard drive capacity, the second is the amount of cameras you have recording and the third is how many frames per second your camera records in.

DVR Security Systems vs. Traditional Systems

There are a few key advantages that a DVR security system has over a traditional system.

Firstly, traditional security systems require a lot of scanning to retrieve data. Going through all the footage in search of something in particular is a gruelling and time consuming process. W

ith digital recording you can very easily search for a specific event by specifying the time and date. This alone has grown the popularity of DVR security camera systems significantly.

Secondly, DVR security systems provide a much higher quality recording, playback and archiving process when compared with traditional security systems.

With the ability to customize a DVR they are much more user-friendly security systems. Not to mention a handful of additional features such as auto recording, night vision and setting the system to record based on motion levels/activity.

Thirdly, Digital Video Recording security systems allow the user to control the system remotely. Giving the user the options to zoom, pan and rotate the cameras.

How do Digital Video Recording (DVR) Security Systems Work?

The entire DVR security system is a closed circuit of video cameras that connect to a DVR device that has the ability to digitally record.

The number of cameras you choose to install will depend of the location, size and layout of the space you want to be monitored.

A camera can monitor quite a large space- some up to a range of 1000 square feet or 93 square meters.

If you currently run a VCR (Video Cassette Recorder) and wish to upgrade to a DVR security system it is simple process. All you’ll need to do is plug your current CCTV surveillance system into a DVR recording system. Yes, it is that simple.

Not all but some DVR systems are advanced and can make a time stamp is a motion is detected on the camera.

With this technology the monitoring of events can be significantly reduced thanks to efficient systems.

When the Digital Video Recording hard drive is close to capacity or full a alert is sent. If you wish you can have the system record over the older footage.

Bottom Line

Digital Video Recording security surveillance systems are very simple and easy to use. The ability to find specific events through date and time stamps make this system appealing to many users. The remote viewing capabilities are also a fantastic feature. If you currently run a VCR security surveillance system upgrading is extremely easy!


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