Installing a security camera system provides a very secure environment for your business, employees or family environment. They are what we consider an essential item for both businesses but families as well.

With technological advancements there are many affordable, quality security camera systems available. The hard part is choosing which one to go with as well as working out the finer details.

There are many reasons why you should purchase a home security system but protecting your business, property and family are of the utmost importance.

When it comes to buying the best security camera system there is a lot of information out there to search through.

There’s a huge variety of security systems on the market all offering different features and benefits.

Racing into a purchase without doing your research could cost a lot in the long run and provide many headaches.

How Many Cameras Do You Need in a Security Camera System?

This is a subject which will change with your personal needs and requirements for your security system but as a guide read on for what we recommend.

Depending on your situation, if you run a lot of cameras it will be very expensive to not only buy but to also maintain.

The opposite can also be problematic. If you have too few cameras then there will be flaws in the system making your property or business insecure.

Entrances/Exits – How many are there? This is the primary area where your cameras should be located. All doors as well as emergency exits should be fitted with cameras. Any visitors and potential threats will be entering here so monitoring these points is very important. Positioning the camera to capture faces as opposed to the back of heads is very important.

Choke Points – Many criminals who notice security cameras will cover the faces using a hat or even just a hand. It is still possible to capture their faces in choke points. These include hallways, lobbies and even queues where you have the opportunity to catch a glimpse at the crooks face. Having cameras here can be a bit difficult- this is where the cost will start to increase so choose wisely if and where you would position a camera. A security professional can assist with this.

Transaction Points – For businesses this is critical. Any debates about payments can be resolved quickly if this area is monitored. If someone steals from the cashier or there are issues around the counter having everything on record is going to be extremely helpful. For businesses we recommend having a camera at each cashier point.

Outside Home/Office – Important for both households and businesses. If there are criminals lurking then your security system will pick up on this. Package thieves can be easily identified. If your business or property has been vandalised then again outdoor cameras are fantastic for catching and charging the person responsible. Depending on which system you choose if you there is a security team dedicating to monitoring the cameras, crime can be prevented before the get the opportunity to strike.

Quick Camera Requirement Calculation

For the better security camera system for businesses add up the total number of doors with the number of transaction areas.

If you have the budget and want the extra security then account for the choke points, outdoor areas and if you have assets that need monitoring.

Keep all this in mind and you’ll be able to better determine the right number of cameras for your security camera system!

Benefits of a Security Camera System

The following are just a few benefits that come from buying the best security camera system:

  1. They are a great deterrent –  If a burglar can see that your house is under surveillance then chances are they won’t try to break in. If you travel a lot or are away from your business they are great for keeping an eye on things. Not to mention, opportunist thieves stealing packages from doorsteps probably won’t push their luck if a home security system is in use.
  2. Promotes a safe environment-  Like many large places such as airports or financial corporations, the knowledge of security cameras encourages people to be safe. Using the monitoring will help capture any activity or if something strange is going on security can respond before an issue occurs. When people know they are being monitored they tend to behave accordingly.
  3. Evidence against crimes- If your home is broken into, your property or business is vandalised or your packages are continually stolen then there is no better evidence for pressing charges that a video or image. Be sure your device is set up to record the correct date and time.
  4. Helps to resolve conflicts – If there are any disputes then a security camera system clearly shows what happens. Nothing compares with security camera footage. By playing back any recorded video footage will clear up any disputes.
  5. Safety for staff – while some staff feel that security systems are a privacy intrusion they can actually help employees. If anything happens outside the office or inside there is clear evidence. There have been many cases where staff members have been attacked by customers.
  6. Availability and affordability- There are many affordable and high quality security camera systems on the market now. With technological advancements and the growing popularity, security cameras now offer exceptional features at a much cheaper cost.
  7. Peace of mind- Possibly one of the best guarantees from a security camera system. Being able to check into your business or household remotely is a fantastic way to ease your mind and relax. In many cases a surveillance system works as home alarm.

If you weren’t convinced before, hopefully you are now. While a security camera system can’t guarantee things won’t go wrong they can definitely work to prevent bad situations.

Bottom Line

Security camera systems are critical for business and homes. There are many advantages to having a well equipped system. Not only are the great for deterring criminal activity, they can be used for evidence should you need to. In addition they promote a safe environment and offer peace of mind to the user.


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