When it comes to your home security there can be a few things you can do to decrease the likelihood of a burglary. The following post will highlight a few things we recommend! Although nothing quite compares to having the best home security camera system there are still many great tips to help secure your home.

Tips to Deter Burglars

Install a Home Security System

This is by far the best way to protect your home. The security company will also provide updated stickers you can use on windows and doorways to further deter burglars. Please do not buy these stickers in the hope that they will be enough. Many burglars are up to date with the latest stickers and now what to look for. Many will do their research before breaking in.

If you are looking for a home security system please read our comprehensive review of the best indoor and outdoor home security camera systems.

Clean your Yard

Mow the lawns and trim the hedges, a well kept yard is a sign that there are people home who tend to it regularly. If you are going to be away for some time then organise for a mowing service that will come and do this for you. Or perhaps pay a neighbour kid or family member to come and tidy up.

Talk to Your Neighbours

If you are close with your neighbours, let them know you are going away and ask them to keep an eye on things and any suspicious people.

Remove Flyers

Do not leave flyers and brochures hanging out of the letter box or around your doorstep – this is an easy way for burglars to work out your activity. Again, ask your neighbours to remove this or put a no circulars sticker on your mail box.

Use Light Timers

Using lights to deter burglars is a great idea. You can purchase timers that will turn your lights on and leave them on for a pre programmed period of time. This is a great idea for in the living room, kitchen and bedroom, almost faking a night time routine.

Install an Outdoor Sensor Light

Bright outdoor sensor motion lights are a fantastic way to stop burglars in their tracks. You can also buy outdoor cameras that have built in sensor lights. They will automatically notify your phone of any motion detected too. Check out our best home security camera system for outdoor cameras we recommend. Or read our review on the Uniden UDR44 Guardian Surveillance System.

Don’t mention Travel Plans Online

Try not to boast about your travel plans across social media platforms. If you do, please turn your post settings to private so only those who are friends with you can see your posts.

Deadbolt Locks

While they won’t stop a burglar they will make it much more difficult to enter the home. The more time spent trying to break in the less likely they will want to stay around because they won’t want to be caught. The higher quality the locks the better!

Install a Home Safe

Installing a home safe in a secure and well hidden area of the home is a great idea to keep valuables safe in the case of a break in. Make sure it is sturdy, well hidden and virtually indestructible. You would want to store sentimental possessions, documents and high value items in here.

Bottom Line

While it pays to have a home security system there are a few other tips you can do to ensure the safety of your home. These are a few basic ideas to help you prevent a burglary while away or even just during work hours.


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