The Uniden UDR444 Guardian 4.3-Inch Video Surveillance System operates through wireless connectivity and has two cameras.

The are many key features of this advanced security system device that can be used discreetly for monitoring the home or office.

2 new from $449.00
2 used from $235.00
Last updated on September 11, 2018 6:00 pm

Both cameras have a night vision and recording range of 40 feet as well as built in microphones.

When compared with other security devices on the market the Uniden UDR444 has many technical features that many other security systems are lacking.

There are also many other optional features. These include, tuning in and watching live footage via skype as well as the ability to record 12 hours continuously.

The user has the option to change from manual to automatic recording and can even schedule recording times.

This Uniden UDR444 is one of the most advanced security surveillance systems on the market so let’s look into it a bit further.

Uniden UDR444 Guardian 4.3-Inch Video Surveillance System with 2 Cameras (UDR444)

Uniden UDR444 Guardian Video Surveillance System

2 new from $449.00
2 used from $ 235.00
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as of September 11, 2018 6:00 pm


  • Zoom-in and get even more clarity on the 4.3" color high
  • 30' range from each of the two weatherproof cameras included
  • Up to 500 foot wireless transmission range
  • Up to 40 foot motion detection/night vision range
  • Includes the auto-save feature, so you won't waste any of your rechargeable 4.5- hour battery

Product Description

The Uniden UDR444 Guardian 4.3-Inch Video Surveillance System will safely monitor your home or office environment in all weather conditions.

The two cameras are weatherproof making it possible to record in any environment and the infrared night vision technology makes it great for night time monitoring.

Both cameras have a 30-feet range for the built in microphones so if someone was to approach your property or office not only will you get the video but also the audio.

The security system is very easy to set up and through a 4.3 inch portable high resolution LCD color monitor the user can view images and recordings from 500 feet away.

Program the device to record on schedule and have your home or office monitored while you are away. If you prefer the systems’ motion sensors will automatically record if motion is detected.

With a MicroSD memory card the user can store up to 16hours of recordings. If you feel like this isn’t big enough you can purchase a larger memory card.

If you prefer there is the option to remotely watch live coverage through Skype or through a USB cable that enables data transfer.

2 new from $449.00
2 used from $235.00
Last updated on September 11, 2018 6:00 pm

Key Features

One of the great features of this security system is the multiple ways the user can record footage.

Choose to have the device record 24/7, schedule the device to record manually at specific times or use the motion sensor technology and have it record when motion is detected.

Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) technology is used in the Uniden UDR444 for motion detection.

This security system comes with a rechargeable lithium polymer battery.

The video quality is crisp but this depends on the size of the monitor you view the footage on. On the 4.3 Inch color monitor provided, the resolution of the images is very clear.

We found that the larger the screen size the grainer the pictures became. With the ability to connect the cameras through a television, if you have a large screen then the videos will become grainy.

There is also the option to zoom in on videos and images and the power cord which comes with the product is 72inches long.

2 new from $449.00
2 used from $235.00
Last updated on September 11, 2018 6:00 pm

Pros of Uniden UDR444

  • Two cameras can capture videos up to 40 feet away
  • Very affordable price and great value for money
  • Built in microphones enable for both video and audio captures
  • Record in low (320×240) or high (640 x480) quality. This is great if you are away and want to record the whole time
  • Very easy set up. Cameras and monitor are already paired making this set much simpler
  • Wireless transmission up to 500 feet. Footage video via the color monitor
  • Remote viewing via Skype or USB
  • Ability to add on 2 more cameras to the system if desired
  • Ability to monitor up to 4 cameras on the screen or just one

Con of Uniden UDR444

  • Motion sensors can be overly sensitive
  • Not compatible with Mac OS
  • Micro SD card struggles to store 16hours of video

Bottom Line

The Uniden UDR444 Guardian 4.3-Inch Video Surveillance System is a fantastic surveillance security system that is one of the easiest to install. In terms of wireless surveillance systems this Uniden UDR444 has many features making this wireless system very popular. If you are looking for a wireless system for ease of monitoring your home or office then the Uniden UDR444 presents great value for money.

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